Fairy Tail Role-Playing~~~

Suzaku (Thread 4-19)


Just a note to all of you that our RP takes place after the destruction of Fiore (so there are NO CANON Characters here). Fiore was destroyed by the battle between Zeref & Sora [YukioHoshi]. Unfortunately, both of them died.
       Now, a new dark guild has been discovered, Suzaku, aiming to revive Zeref. But for this they need the Oracle's Book, who's holder is Yukina Arith [NicaXiaoyu].
       With much trouble, Suzaku managed to get the book. The battle now for the Fairy Tail members is to get back the Book from Suzaku before it's too late.
       Alas, the Fairy Tails were too late.... Zeref has been revived & is back in action... Fairy Tail's new mission-STOP ZEREF!!!!

Another Self (Thread 20-?)

You are yourself, the one who's sitting here, staring at the computer, reading this message. How will it be if the character you made for this RP is suddenly right behind you?

      Everyone continued their lives as normal. But what happens when things become TOO NORMAL?
      A new portal has appeared, taking people to another dimension. Your character goes into this portal & finds himself/herself in front of your eyes...
      In our world where our characters meet us, is our basic world, where Magic never exists. You don't know what's going on & why is your character even real. Shocked, you contact your RPing friends online (the rest of us) & find out that even our characters are with us & we are in the same situation as you.
     How will this puzzle be solved? How will your characters be sent back to their own dimension? And what will you do with your character with you now?

     Through the Wormhole found in Japan, the Charas were led home. But wait, the Creators were pulled in too?!! What's more, they're now in Fiore & they have magic too?!!
     What's going on here?! Why are the Creators here? How did managed they use & learn magic? And how will they ever get home?